Why you NEED a Wedding Videographer


Are you on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer? Do you wonder if it is really worth the extra money? And if you will ever watch your wedding video more than once?

Today, wedding videography is becoming more and more popular. With that being said, hiring a wedding videographer is now a deciding factor for couples when planning their wedding.

Many couples choose to take the plunge and thus hire a wedding videographer, but some are still on the fence with questions.

In this post, I am going to give 5 Reasons why you need a wedding videographer, and along the way answer some of those commonly asked questions and concerns that couples have about booking a wedding videographer. 

1. Video captures moments you might’ve missed.

Your wedding day only happens once, and while it is one of the happiest days of your life, it is also a really busy day.

You have so much to do in just one day, and through that day, you will be making sure everything is going smoothly.

You might think that you have time to enjoy and take in all of it, but you will not.

Videography gives you the chance to relive your wedding day that went by so fast.

For example, you may have missed your bridesmaids getting ready and having fun, or your grandparents at your reception. You cannot be everywhere at once, which means there are things you will miss.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra set of eyes on your big day? Capturing the moments you would otherwise forget or not even know existed? 

2. Wedding videos can bring you back into your wedding day even years down the road. 

When I talk to couples who have a tradition of watching their wedding video on their anniversary, they always say all the happy and magical feelings of their day just flood back in.

I have not talked to one couple who says they regret getting a wedding video, but that they regret not getting one.

Even better, you will be able to share your wedding video with your future children! They get to see how you were when you were young and in love #awe. 

3. Videos contain an emotional aspect that photos do not.

While photography is an essential part of a wedding, it does not give you the opportunity to remember the feelings felt on the day.

Photos are still images that do not convey real feelings. On the other hand, videography contains emotion.

You can see all your raw moments come alive through a video specially put together with music overlaid — doing this helps to tell a story and ultimately see your wedding day from a different perspective.

Furthermore, your wedding video can bring you and your spouse closer when you watch because you remember all those happy moments and feelings you felt on your day.

Sometimes just remembering how it all started and the love you have for each other can make all the difference in hard times. 

4. You can see your wedding from another perspective.

Like I said earlier, how cool would it be to have an extra set of eyes on your wedding day? Taking in all those special moments you may have missed? Reliving you and your spouse’s happy smiles and in-between kisses?

There are so many important moments you want to keep forever.

For example, the sound of your guests cheering during your first kiss as husband and wife, the face of your spouse during your first look, the sound of your spouse’s voice reading their vows to you, your first dance, you smashing cake in your spouse’s face, and many many more moments. 

5. Your Wedding Video can be Shared to those who might’ve missed your special day.

A wedding video is a perfect way to help those who were unable to make it to your wedding, experience all those special moments.

Let’s face it, not everyone that is special to you will be able to be there to celebrate with you, but through a wedding video they can feel like they are there.

Even if you post every photo you got back from your wedding on Facebook and Instagram, no one will look at every one, but chances are, people will watch your whole wedding video.


Because a video captures your whole day and puts it into a 3-6 minute highlight video. It is also super captivating to your audience and anyone watching — they will not want to stop watching.

So no, your wedding video will not be an hour long saga (you’re welcome). 


Remember, money is temporary, but memories are priceless and you will never be able to get those memories back.

You only get married to your spouse once, which means you will never be able to go back and get a wedding video done.

A wedding video will last throughout your marriage — your whole life.

Take advantage of the technology we have around us today. We are so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to remember special moments such as our wedding day, that maybe are parents weren’t as fortunate to have.

Furthermore, technology and videography is only going to get grow, which means wedding videography will get to the point that it is essential.

You don’t want to look back when everyone else has a wedding video and then wish you had the same. 

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